A passion for flavor and a love of tradition is at the core of Ambessa. 
A reflection of Chef Marcus Samuelsson’s journey from Ethiopia to Sweden to Harlem,
Ambessa is made with a dedication to quality, culture and tradition.

Tea is global and so is Ambessa. Whether using delicate lingonberries from Scandinavia or rich black teas from Africa, Ambessa aims to connect drinkers with a sense of place. Each blend is a reflection of Chef Marcus Samuelsson’s own journey as well as his passion for worldwide culinary creativity.  Ambessa strives for bold interpretations of classic tea blends. The heady, robust notes of Safari Breakfast embody Africa’s heritage of rich spices and diversity.

The soft Lingonberry Green fuses Eastern tastes with Swedish finesse. The Earl of Harlem is a wink at the lively culture of New York City through classic bergamot notes. The earthy Choco Nut is a flavorful nod to the traditions of yerba mate. Combined, Ambessa’s tea blends represent a love of international flavor, and like the Amharic lion from which it borrows its name, the tastes roar.